New Workout



Okay, so last night totally tried this new workout my wife found on pinterest.

In honesty my first thought was, “that sounds too easy to be a total body workout.” I figured I would be done in 15 minutes and ready to move on to something harder.

Then I actually did it.

Man Alive!

I did not know I could hurt in that many places. Some of the exercises I had not done since high school. Some I had never heard of before. It definitely taught me that even though I have been running quite a bit, I haven’t been doing anything for my muscles. So, I am totally adding this somewhere in my weekly workout routine.

If it doesn’t kill me first.

Out and About



So, here we are into the third week of parenting a newborn and a 2 year old.

A new normal is slowing being established.

Older brother is loving being just that and is struggling with the jealousies of not having our undivided attention.

We are getting more and more sleep each night!

And because of all that, I decided yesterday would be a good day to restart my running routine.

It was good to get out on a nice day and just jog. But it was also a painful reminder of how an extended break from working out really sucks!

I only ran 1.5 miles in about 18 mins. Definitely not world record time, but I think it is a start. My legs got that jelly feeling and my lungs burned from the hot, bad quality air.

But it’s a start. And I am looking forward to the next chance to hit the pavement again!

The 5th Dimension and more!

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This post is slightly delayed and I do so apologize. I have been tied up with parent conferences (or for any other teachers out there: the 5th Dimension) for the past week or so.

Oh, I’m sorry. When I said 5th Dimension, were you thinking of these guys?220px-5th_Dimension_1969

That probably would have been more exciting. Sorry.

No, conferences,  I must say, are such an interesting concept. They are the same virtually every time. I sit across from one of my students and his/her parents to discuss behavior and grades. Everytime I do one of these I encounter 1 of 3 types of students.

Student Type 1: The Interpreter

I work at a school with quite a large population of English Learners whose parents speak little to no English. Now, whenever I have a conference with these students, they typically translate for me. At first I was skeptical about using the sudents for fear that they would repeat whatever they wanted, but I have come to find that these students relate my words quite faithfully, even the difficult students. Usually the parents smile and nod and are away within a few minutes. Quite a painless operation. 

Student Type 2: The Reformer

This student is the one who sits with his/her parent and get grilled for their behavior or grades. They take the verbal punishment and vow to change. They look their parents in the eyes and promise to come in early to turn in missing work or serve detention. And they do.

For a week.

Then their behavior reverts back to the way it was pre-conference. I never hear from the parents during the year, nor can I get a return phone call or email.

Student Type 3: The Faithful

This student comes to conferences knowing full well what is going to be said for it has been said time and time again. Either they are the top students who are constantly praised or the most difficult who are constantly warned. Parents don’t say much. They nod their head and move on quickly to another teacher.


Conferences are definitely the 5th Dimension. Something beyond this world that can be counted on time after time to waste time. There exists only the rare occasions where something different comes out of these exchanges, but they are few and very far between.

Anyway, time for the weekly update.

 These conferences have pre-occupied my time, and I have not stuck to my workout routine mostly since I’ve been getting home at 8 pm and crashing an hour later.

Speaking of which, I need to give my shoutout to LMarie for her comment with a great link and great ideas on a new workout routine.


I have not started a new one, partly due to conferences, but mostly due to a larger problem that I constantly struggle with. I have always struggled with it. It is the one thing that keeps me from moving forward.

The problem is that when my routine gets messed up, even in the slightest, I tend to get completely discombobulated and defeated. Such as the case has been since Easter.

I had a week off from normalcy and saw my exercise slipping. Then my eating habits started going with it. Then I went back to work and didn’t reset everything. Then I spent time in the 5th Dimension, and here I am on the brink of giving up entirely.

I don’t want to give up.

I don’t want to fail, again.

I don’t want to stay in this current routine.

But I also don’t want to start over from the beginning.

So I’m struggling. I’m struggling the same laziness and poor eating habits that got me here.

Now, I want change. I want to find victory. I want to defeat my weight and have power over it. So, I’m going to push on. No matter what I have to do, I’m going to find my routine again. I’m going find myself weighing less and achieving my goals. I am going to win. And by the grace of God, I am going to do it.

By the Grace of God.

Week 4: Beleaguered and Bedridden



Okay, so perhaps the title is a bit of a misnomer, but hey, it sounded catchy. Plus, it’s kind of how I’ve been feeling this past week.

I started back to work this week after a wonderfully busy Spring Break. I didn’t get much running in during the break, and, to be quite frank, I ate more than my fair share’s worth of bad food. I mean, come on, my son is only 2. He doesn’t need ALL of that chocolate, right? Right?

Anyway, this week at work was rather hectic. We have state testing coming up, and I had to get ready for my evaluation. Now, usually when I get back to work from a break I tend to get at least a sore throat from just getting used to speaking so much, but not this week.


I got my customary sore throat, plus some tummy issues and headaches all week. Whether it was due to stress, the bad food, or a combination of the two, only the Sick Fairy knows. (In case you were wondering, she’s the Tooth Fairy’s cousin. She tends to come around during winter but she does make other cameos throughout the year. Such as last week in my house.) 

Anywho, I’m finally coming into the clear of everything, but needless to say,  I did not get to run at all this week.

Very upsetting as you can imagine. BUT! I was inspired to rethink my weight loss plan. See, if you remember, I started running with some profound wisdom from my lovely bride. I still like the idea. I still hold to it every time my foot hits the pavement and every time I want to quit. 

But I just felt like there has to be something more. Some hole that needs to be filled to complete this weight loss puzzle. I think I figured it out, but I don’t quite know how to implement my idea.

And that is where you, my faithful friends, come in!

I’ve decided that I want to include some sort of weight training into my regimen.  But I am in desperate need of some good, and preferably short, weight training programs I can do along with the running. Now, before you get all excited and whip out your Encyclopedia of Awesome Weight Training Stuff, I have a few limitations. 

First: I only have these to work with:


In case you can’t tell, the small weights are 2.5 lbs each, and the large weights are 7.5 lbs each. I can mix and match however I need to, but it is all I have for the moment.

and Second: I don’t have a lot of time. (I know I sound like I’m complaining, but I really am hoping for something that can be done within 30 minutes to an hour.)  I leave for work at 5:30am and return home around 6:00pm. I do my runs around 8:00pm which is after my son goes to bed. I try to do this 3 times a week.

I’m really excited to add something to my routine and I am positive you guys have something that will work for me. Plus, just think of how great you will feel knowing you helped me succeed in my goals. I mean, I can’t think of any compensation better than that. Can you? Yeah, see, didn’t think so. (Shh. Quit throwing out the money card….) Okay what the heck, I might just give you a shout out to add to the amazing feeling you will have. 


Or a cookie.


Okay, probably not a cookie. Those are unhealthy anyway. . .

Week 3: Adventures in Spring Break

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So nothing irritates me more than my body failing on me. I mean to be forced to quit, not because I was unwilling, and not because I mentally could not hack it. No. Forced to quit because my body literally gave up. I mean, there I was starting mile 2 and . . .

Sorry. Deep breath.

I’m getting a little ahead of myself. Let’s start at the beginning shall we. . .

I began the week with 2 goals in mind: 1) finish the yard work, and 2) finish the nursery.

Goal #1 was not a pretty sight:


As you can tell, my grass had been neglected for sometime. I began referring to it as “the beast” and the beast needed quite a bit of taming, as it were, nearly an entire day’s taming, to get it mildly under control.

(Weeds the size of elephants had sprung up. We’ll get to those later.)

By the time I reached the grass by the fence my body already ached from hours of bending and lifting and raking and pushing and pulling. Then, it took me another 45 minutes just to get to this point along the fence:


Yeah, that’s right. You’re looking at some nasty thick weed grass. I had to stop 5, count them, 5 times to get that area cleaned up and raked before I could move on. Eventually though, the tall grass was hacked to pieces and I was able to finish the mowing and edging. But I was not done. Nuh uh.

Once the yard looked magnificent:


I still had to weed those ginormous monstrosities of weeds!

(Sorry, no pictures of them. I was too tired by this time. You will just have to trust me that they were that huge.)

Pulling these weeds took me another 2 hours of bending and pulling. I had to traipse around the multitude of weed patches around the house, squat down, and pull with all my might to get these suckers out. It was just enough labor to make think I had seriously injured both hamstrings.

Aching everywhere my yard work was complete, and my first day of spring break came to a close. Needless to say, I did not go running that day. 😦

The next 4 days consisted of converting a spare bedroom into a nursery. “Sounds easy,” you say. Yeah, until you have to do it.

The first step was to move everything out. Done. Easy. But then we had to wrap, re-wrap, and double wrap, Christmas present wrap, the mattresses. Yeah, that was fun. I made my wife do the wrapping mostly because I am the worst present wrapper ever. Seriously. You don’t believe me because you have never seen the gifts I wrap, but I assure you, my wrapping skills are atrocious. (Now, my rapping skills on the other hand, are quite amazing. But that is neither here nor there.)

The next step was to paint the walls. Having moved into a new house a year ago, I felt pretty confident on how to do just that.

Step 1: Understand you have no crafty skills so wife is in charge.

Step 2: Let wife cut in with her steady hand.

Step 3: Cut in around outlets because you can’t screw that up.

Step 4: Watch wife finish cutting in.

Step 5: Wait for wife to finish.

Step 6: roll the rest of the room with two coats. (Be careful not to get any on the ceiling!)

Step 7: Make wife go to store to get a gallon of paint even though you only have one wall left.

Step 8: Done!

So, once again I forgot how much labor really goes into painting. Either I’m doing it wrong, or I’m just a wuss, but the parts of my body that didn’t ache after the yard starting aching now. Once again. No running for day 2 or 3.

Day 4 comes and here we have to put together a dresser and a crib. Now, people say that over time muscle pain goes away, but apparently not until like a year later because each day my hamstrings and back hurt worse and worse. I kept wondering if I had been mauled by a Llama in my sleep. Why a llama? Because those are some foul creatures! And they have a funny name. Anyway. After taking the morning to put together said dresser and crib, I had the brilliant thought to finally go running. Everyone else was napping making it the perfect time.


So, as usual, I strapped on my outfit and proceed to my park to run. I started moving to the wonderfully slow, melodic sounds of Mr. John Mayer (I know slow music and running don’t seem to mix but it works for me.) and realized how many people were at the park that day. My lance, doesn’t anyone have school or work? I thought, then laughed at myself and remembered it was Spring Break.

I continued around the park getting stares from a group of punk kids on skateboards who weren’t even riding them. They were just sitting in some shade talking. (Which is kind of lame if you ask me.)

But I was going steady.

Around the mile and a half mark something just didn’t feel right. My hamstrings were starting to burn in a weird way. I ignored it thinking they probably just needed to be stretched out, and I kept pounding.

About mile 2, I started to think it was more than that when every step felt like my legs were running through fire. I kept going because I was determined to finish this run.

Inside I knew that I should probably have stopped, but my will said keep going.

So I did.

Around 2.5 miles every step felt like it was going to be my last and my legs were going to fall out from underneath me. I kept pushing through, gritting my teeth trying to ignore it.

I decided about thus time to do a shorter run but not stop. I crossed the street to head home, and, as I pushed off the pavement to launch myself back onto the sidewalk, I felt it. My knees buckled and I stumbled forward.

I caught myself and realized my run was probably over.

Angrily I pulled to a stop and began walking home. No, I didn’t walk. I trudged. I trudged. The slow, weary depressing walk of a man full of anger at being forced to quit prematurely.

I have played sports all of my life from baseball to basketball to football to tennis and in each sport I have had this moment where I know how much I can do, but for some reason my body just doesn’t cooperate. Typically it has been during a game or match where I lost not because the opponent was necessarily better than I, but because I didn’t play at the level I know I am capable of. That is what angered me.

So I trudged about a quarter mile and my anger got a hold of me. I decided to sprint to get rid of it. I pushed off the sidewalk with a jolt and felt my legs instantly turn to rubber and my lungs fill with flame. But I didn’t care. I was angry and didn’t want to be beat. I ran about another quarter mile until I had to give it up. I slowed back to a walk and made my way home.

At one point I had to stop to fix my shoe and found it nearly impossible to start moving forward again as though my legs were not receiving the signals from my brain. With a great effort I willed myself forward and opened the door.

My running was finished and so was I for the week.

I have not run since mostly due to Easter today and preparations for it. I’m sad that my only run of the week ended so terribly but I’m looking forward to next week. Until then.

Everyone have a blessed Resurrection Day!

Updates, Failure, and Week 2 in Review

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ImageFirst things first, I updated the design of the blog. Hurrah! I feel like the new design sets a better tone. I hope I didn’t confuse anyone and that you all like it as well.

Second things second, this week in review. (See what I did there?) So, I would love to start off by saying that this week went better than last week and I ate completely healthy. But the reality of everything is that we aren’t machines. We are going to fail. And we are going to indulge. The key is not in the failure; the key is in the rebound. The key is in getting yourself back up when you fell flat on your face and got beat like Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed did.

As a junior high school teacher, I try to teach this lesson everyday. In my classroom, failure is a part of the process. I expect my students to fail at something through out the year. It’s how they and we learn. I always tell them that if they never failed, they wouldn’t need to be in my room. It is coming face to face with challenges that show us what we are made of. Once failure occurs, we can learn what we did wrong and correct it. “You get more out of losing than you do winning.”

And with that I review my week. I ran only twice. My goal is always 3 times a week, but at least 2 is still a nice week. Monday was excellent and I ran 3.86 miles in 41:54, so an average of 10:51. That was a record for both distance and speed. I felt on top of the world. I was ready to tackle the week!

But then the rest of the week happened. I did not run Wednesday. Thursday was a big test day in my class that resulted in 0% of my students passing. Came to find out that this was due to an error somewhere in the answers rubric, so I got to take the test to find the mistake. Stress. Fixed it. Stress. 31% passed. A little less stress. And when we are stressed what do we do? That’s right, bury our anxiety into little bowls of ice cream, or peach pie, or McDonald’s chicken nuggets with barbecue sauce. . . . Okay, I digress. The point is I ran away from my healthy food. Friday I felt like a failure, so that night I re-determined to run. (I know myself too well. I take too much time off and all of a sudden it is 3 months later and I never started running again.) I did not want that to happen again. So, I ran. I threw my gear on and put foot to pavement and I ran. I listened to familiar tunes and I ran. I thought about revising my books and I ran. And though I did not set any records for myself. I did do a nice 5k in under 40 minutes. It as a nice end to my week and a reminder that during this process I am going to fail, but it’s what comes after that just might show me what I truly am made of.

Day #46: The 4 Stages of Runners

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This is a funny look at being a runner. I’m not quite sure where I am in this continuum.

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