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So, here we are into the third week of parenting a newborn and a 2 year old.

A new normal is slowing being established.

Older brother is loving being just that and is struggling with the jealousies of not having our undivided attention.

We are getting more and more sleep each night!

And because of all that, I decided yesterday would be a good day to restart my running routine.

It was good to get out on a nice day and just jog. But it was also a painful reminder of how an extended break from working out really sucks!

I only ran 1.5 miles in about 18 mins. Definitely not world record time, but I think it is a start. My legs got that jelly feeling and my lungs burned from the hot, bad quality air.

But it’s a start. And I am looking forward to the next chance to hit the pavement again!

We Proudly Welcome…



I’m sure many of you have noticed, or maybe not, the relative quiescence of posting recently.

I do so apologize, but my family and I were in the process of welcoming our second son, Preston, into the world. He came into the world at 8lbs 3oz, around 3700 grams for our European friends, and he was 21 inches long, or about 53 cm.

He spent some time in the NICU, but he is healthy and home now relaxing on this Mother’s Day.

Eat, Drink, and Be Merry – For Tomorrow We Die

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I suppose the real title should be: Eat (Ice Cream), Drink (Lots of water), and Be Merry for Tomorrow We Die(t).

Tonight was a special night as my family celebrated not one but two glorious moments.

Yes, that’s right, tomorrow is my lovely bride’s birthday. 27 beautiful years of gracing this planet.

But that’s not all. (Oh no.) You see, in just a few short days my wife will also be giving birth to our second son and to all of the chaos that ensues with a newborn. Therefore, my oldest will no longer be a loner on his branch in the family tree.

Needless to say, tonight was a cause for celebration. In honor of both occasions, I forced everyone in the family (all three of us) to eat the largest banana split this little town in the Central Valley of California has to offer.

Grandpa Jim’s.

There is this quaint little candyshoppe/soda fountain/ice cream parlor that has long defined my home town. It is a staple of my city, just as country music and nascar might define some city in the south. (Okay, those kind of define my city, too) Anyway, this wonderful place was the site of our revelries this eve, and I thought it fit to use the occasion to explain my absent presence on wordpress for the past couple of weeks.

As stated above, the first and foremost reason is the impending arrival of our newest miracle of life. This has brought the utmost chaos and work to our lives unseen in these parts for quite some time.

Second, and more occupationally, my students started state testing this week. For all you teachers out there, you smell what I’m cooking. (For all those non-teachers, its more or less a charred, rotting piece of salmon.)

Third, and more excitingly, I have been in preparations for my upcoming release of my first novel. I have been working closely with my cover designer trying to craft the perfect image, reorganizing the format of the text so it will actually fit into createspace’s requirements as well as smashword’s, and making sure the editing is all worked out.

You might have seen some of my posts about it. You’ll probably receive these more often as the release date approaches. Just a simple reminder. Plus, I’m thinking of giving a free trial purchase for the first week of the novel’s release. Just for those of you out there with commitment issues.

Anyway, I hope to get back into normalcy after the baby has arrived and continue my riveting posts. (See what I did there?)

Until then,

Peace and Long Reads.

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