Now that I have reached this milestone, I had to formally thank every single blogger out there who has followed my blog. I have officially reached 50 blog follows, and it means the world to me. Some of you might think it’s nothing to get 50 follows, but it is quite humbling to me. When I began a few weeks ago, the best I hoped for was a few people becoming passively interested in what I had to say with maybe a few likes here and there, but in just a few short weeks you guys have encouraged me and humbled me more than I could have thought possible. Every response I have received from fellow bloggers has been truly honest, encouraging, and helpful. Some of those that have really encouraged me and helped me get the reins down on this site (and this is not a complete list, just those on the top of my head, so if I forget someone I truly apologize) are: Sargeantbrigade, Cariwiese, C.B. McCullough, JeynaGrace, Russell Deasley, C.H. Griffin, and so many others!

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you all for showing an interest, and I promise to do my very best to continue to write posts that hopefully encourage, inspire, make you laugh, or are just plain not boring!!