Pressing Onward Toward the Goal


This is where I’m keeping my goals and tracking my progress.

Goal 1: Lose 50 lbs before my 10 year reunion

Goal 2: run a 5k

Goal 3: run 3.25 before I sign up for a 5k. (Yes, they are out of order, and I like it that way.) Achieved 3/19/13!

Goal 4: Do NOT give up

Goal 5: No really, don’t give up. That would make you a loser.

Goal 6: Repeat 4 and 5 until I achieve 1 – 3.

Progress so far:

1. Ran my first 3 miles without stopping.

2. Ran my first 3 miles in the rain without stopping.

3. Ran my first 3 miles after being Tanya Hardinged (Yeah, I did just make that a verb) by my wife’s car.


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