Out on a Winter’s Day

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A cool and gentle winter’s day

Settled the icy blue to stay

Beneath the purple mountains true

Into a calming placid lake

When suddenly the sky’s clouds threw

A dash of ivory tattoo

Scattered amidst the peaceful scene

And aye my hands did reach up to

Partake of that heavenly sheen

When a biting breath blew between

those verdant pines both lonely and fierce

And separated my love from me.

Blinded by a wall of white and tears

A voice through the raging storm did pierce

Clearing all obstacles away

Sanctioning my soul to appear

My Guinevere

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For now I know what then could not

As laughter bound our door.

We settled in our Camelot

Down I laid my claymore.

But soon there came our darkest fears

A dragon fierce and strong

With his great tail he broke my spears

Down I tumbled headlong.

A broken man for then you found

A king without a throne.

You dove into the dark and drowned.

For me your heart did groan.

But grace to me which you did show

Sent echoes through my soul.

A perfect love for us atoned,

Our kingdom remade whole

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