For those of you who are new, the Grammar Nazi shows up every once in a while to expound upon habitual grammatical errors he sees and/or hears in the everyday world. Today, he is very annoyed.

Target Stores Inc., you have greatly disappointed.

I recently went to Target to purchase a few delectables when my poor eyes were forced to look upon an unsightly grammatical error.


As you can see, this sign is massive and hangs from the ceiling. It was impossible to miss, and I nearly had to gouge my eyes out afterward. You may need to as well, and, for that, I am truly sorry.

In case you have missed the error, and you still retain your sight, I will alleviate the misunderstanding. You see the word women, in itself, indicates plurality or more than one. Adding an s to the end of the word cannot create more plurality because there is none to be had.

Therefore, I’m assuming Target meant to indicate possession, but simply adding an s does not possession make. In this case, an apostrophe is required between the n and the s. And I can only imagine what terrible deeds might have occurred had Lynn Truss encountered this.

For me, I simply informed the cashier while purchasing my goodies that they had a terrible monster lurking in the store ready to pounce upon the brow of any man, woman, or child and the end result of which might mean mass casualties to the populace of our fair town.

She simply looked at me and as uninterested as can be asked, “Oh really? Where?”

When I replied that it was hiding in plain sight above the women’s clothes, ( See how I did that?) she simply shrugged her shoulders and asked for my money.

So, this is what the world has come to now, I thought dejectedly. I then paid for my items and trudged back to my car.

And now, I have to look at that hideous sign just about every other day. (We shop at Target a lot, despite their poor grammar skills.)

But it still cooks my grits…